Downhole Well Abandonment & Suspension

CG provided engineering, regulatory support and wellsite supervision for abandonment and suspension projects around Grande Prairie, AB.


Recently, CG completed the downhole abandonment and suspension of 11 wells near Grande Prairie, AB.

The wells abandoned were a combination of vertical and horizontal wells with varying completions and downhole equipment. One of these wells had to be re-entered to abandon due to the presence of gas migration; this included locating and remediating the source of the gas migration to abandon the well as per AER directive 20.

CG has also supported other petroleum and disposal companies to drill, complete and maintain a variety of wells from conventional vertical wells and horizontal tight shale gas wells to water disposal wells.

CG has also managed the commissioning and decommissioning of surface facilities and pipelines as requested by our clients in the area.

November 9, 2015

Grande Prairie, AB

Drilling & Completions
Wellsite Supervision