Directional Gas Well Drilling, Completion & Pipeline Installation

CG provided the engineering, regulatory and wellsite supervision support for the drilling, completions, workovers and pipeline installation of various wells located near Wetaskiwin, AB.

10 conventional gas wells were vertically or directionally drilled to approximately 1500 meters each. Two of these wells were drilled on an Indian Reserve; CG Engineering provided all of the IOGC environmental and technical work for the permit application to drill on Indian Reserve Land.

These wells were subsequently completed (some with multiple targets), tested and at that point, either put on production or abandoned.

The wells were then optimized with the use of acid squeezes, reservoir fracturing, plunger lifts and reciprocating pumps. Production and operations were then managed, tracked and reported by CG on a daily and monthly basis; this includes regulatory compliance, health, safety and environment concerns in the area.

CG engineered, licensed and built single well batteries, multi-well facilities and pipeline infrastructure to produce these wells.

One Earth Oil and Gas

November 9, 2015

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Wellsite Supervision
Drilling & Completions