AER’s Directive 67: Looking to Start Up Your Own Production Company?


What You Need to Know to Become a Licenced Operator in Alberta

Obtaining eligibility approvals for energy development licences has become increasingly more stringent since December 2017 with the release of the new edition of Directive 67 (D67).

The new D67 increases the scrutiny AER applies to all applicants, to ensure that only responsible parties be deemed eligible for these licenses.

The enhanced requirements of D67 is an effort to reduce the number of orphan wells and mitigate the financial and environmental risk to Albertans of defunct companies offloading their abandonment obligations.

Orphan Well Inventory Count



AS OF 3-31



AS OF 3-31



AS OF 6-28

Even though the licence eligibility types have been simplified in this new edition, it is no longer feasible to obtain licencing eligibility approvals quickly.

It can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to be granted the privilege to hold these licenses.

Licencing Approval Period

Before DEC 2017

1 - 2 weeks

After DEC 2017

4 - 12 weeks

The D67 application process can often be administrative and time-consuming; sourcing the appropriate insurance provider and compiling the necessary documentation.

CG Engineering uses a streamlined process to submit D67 applications and assists you in securing the most suitable and cost-effective insurance provider for your requirements.

Leverage CG’s expertise and experience to navigate the regulations right from the very start and throughout all stages of your operations. 

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AER’s Directive 67: Looking to Start Up Your Own Production Company?

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