We specialize in well abandonment and suspension operations.


CG’s abandonment professionals have proven experience in the remediation of gas migration and surface casing vent flows, corrective cement work to ensure hydraulic isolation, and even the rare case of re-entering previously abandoned wells.

Our experience, combined with a full range of services from downhole abandonment to reclamation, allows CG to provide cost effective and efficient management of abandonment operations.


Project Management

Our highly skilled team of engineers can seamlessly manage your abandonment project from concept to completion.

We provide abandonment programming, budgets and cost estimation, project execution, final reporting and compliance.


Wellsite Supervision

To supervise onsite operations CG has a highly technical and experienced team, which includes many Professional Engineers.

Our wellsite supervisors ensure that correspondence, record keeping, compliance, and safety are provided at the highest level.

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Abandonment services


For your project

  • Well file and individual well assessments to make technical recommendations

  • Field inspections and abandonment supervision

  • Surface casing vent flow and gas migration identification and testing

  • Gas migration/SCVF source identification through log analysis

  • Groundwater protection and porous zone isolation

  • Government liaison, regulatory applications, waivers, reporting and submissions

Campaign style abandonment programs

Over the years, CG Engineering has completed several campaign style abandonment programs.  These programs have ranged from 10 wells to 50+ wells.  There are many efficiencies and cost savings that can be accomplished when running a campaign style abandonment program. 

Inactive well, suspended well, and reclamation project management

CG Engineering can also manage your inactive well lists to make recommendation and complete well suspensions, manage the suspended well lists to know when additional work is required, and to get/keep your company in compliance with inactive and suspended wells. 

As well, CG is capable of project managing the surface reclamation operations once the abandonment has been completed.

Save abandonment program time and costs

By spending some more time planning the operations, negotiating with vendors, and setting up the program with centralized camps, salvage yards, and operations, CG Engineering has been able to cut abandonment program time by up to 50% and reduce the overall cost of the project by 30% as a result.

Well File Assessment

The first step in evaluating and planning for an abandonment program is to review the well files for each well to understand the well configuration, previous operations, and to get an idea on the casing and cement integrity.  CG Engineering’s team of engineers are efficient and cost effective when providing this often tedious service which is essential to the planning, programming, and cost estimating of the project.

Cement bond Log Evaluation & Remediation

The most critical step in successfully abandoning a well is ensuring that there is well bonded cement isolating hydrocarbon bearing zones from the base of ground water protection and preventing surface casing vent flows and gas migration to surface.  CG Engineering has a team of engineers and geologist that will evaluate both the cement bond logs and open hole logs to confirm isolation or identify wells that require cement remediation.

Regulatory Compliance

The abandonment and reclamation of oil and gas properties requires a strong understanding of the directives set out by the various regulatory boards.  CG Engineering has experience with the AER, BCOGC, and SMER and is very familiar with the various directives that govern the abandonment and reclamation regulations in each province.  We are well equipped to manage the regulatory compliance through the planning, execution, and completion of the abandonment project.

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