Access cutting edge experience in the design, drilling, and development of salt cavern storage wells.


CG Engineering recently completed the drilling and completion of three salt cavern natural gas storage wells in Nova Scotia. These wells were the first of their kind in that location which is a testament to CG Engineering’s ability to manage new, innovative projects.


Project Management

CG’s team has cutting edge experience in salt cavern project management.

Our highly skilled engineers can provide the drilling, completion, and cavern solution mining expertise to take your project from concept to active operation.


Wellsite Supervision

To supervise onsite operations CG has a highly technical and experienced team, which includes many Professional Engineers.

Our wellsite supervisors ensure that correspondence, record keeping, compliance, and safety are provided at the highest level.

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Regulatory Compliance

CG Engineering is actively involved in various industry groups such as the CSA Z341 group which is the industry standards group that sets and administers the standards for storage of hydrocarbons in underground formations. 

We are also actively reviewing and keeping ourselves up to date with industry regulations and are in active correspondence with the AER, BCOGC, and SMER. 

As a result, CG Engineering can effectively complete the all the application and licencing requirements for the drilling, completion, solution mining, and eventual operation of your salt cavern project.

Geological Studies

CG’s geology and geophysics team can provide the geology and geophysics necessary for application and licencing of the project and wells. 

We can also provide the geology and geophysics for the initial project scope and exploration.

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