Flexible project management and wellsite supervision to meet and exceed your drilling and completion needs.


CG can supplement your in-house team or manage your entire project, from project management to regulatory compliance and wellsite supervision.

If you have an existing well and are looking for re-completion in a secondary zone of interest, our engineering team has experience in a variety of completion types including water disposal, heavy oil, coalbed methane (CBM), shallow gas, deep oil & gas wells, and multi-stage horizontals to name a few.


Project Management

Our team has deep experience in drilling & completions management.

CG provides program development, cost estimation, procurement, and invoice reconciliation to ensure your operation is completed on time and on budget.


Wellsite Supervision

To supervise onsite operations CG has a highly technical and experienced team, which includes many Professional Engineers.

Our wellsite supervisors ensure that correspondence, record keeping, compliance, and safety are provided at the highest level.

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Regulatory Compliance

Today’s oilfield is more regulated than it has ever been. It takes a vast knowledge of many different directives, regulations and orders that vary from province to province. CG has experience working throughout that WCSB and can provide you with well licensing, reporting, end of well reports, H2S determination and EPZ calculations. These services coupled with our expertise and knowledge can help you navigate even the most demanding projects. 

Geological Evaluations

Our team at CG Engineering can work with your on-staff geologist or provide our own geological consulting services. The services include area studies, recommendations, and exploitation of new or existing opportunities within your properties. We have access to all the necessary tools and data to provide you with cross-section, stratigraphic maps, net pay maps and more. 

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